Pim's & the RAMA Thai Food, Aman Suria

Hi merry goers! Come let's have some Tom Yum and learn how to speak Thai ;)

I still remember my last food expedition in Klang where I savoured some authentic and mouth-watering Thai cuisines. Pim's Thai Food has now expanded to Aman Suria - Pim's & The Rama, after numerous requests from their diners. 

Bringing along their popular dishes plus some new additions, let's start digging into what Pim's & The Rama has to offer. So here are some of the MUST TRY items that you have to try.

Starting off with their appetizers - Pim's Pandan Chicken (RM17.90/4 pieces), Thai BBQ Pork Sticks (RM12/ 3 pieces) and Rama's Donut Prawns (RM25/ 6 pieces). I have fond memories especially for the Donut Prawns and the Thai BBQ Pork Sticks from my previous visit. True enough, it did not disappoint because each bite is packed with flavor and just a must order. There are even juicy prawn bits in it which makes it so good.

Pim's Pandan Chicken was tender and the aroma from the pandan leaves were well absorbed with the marinate. Each piece is succulent and a generous portion which is sure to be quite a hearty appetizer. Mimicking the authentic Thai recipe, the marinated chicken is steamed before deep frying thus locking in the juices and flavor while still having a crispy exterior.

Another item would be the Thai Grilled Pork Neck (RM19) which is perfect to pick at. Well marinated and succulent, each piece was tender and very flavorful. The pork neck is marinated overnight and prepared fresh daily. For additional kick, dip it into their chili dipping that is slightly tangy.

If you are coming in a large group, order the Pim’s Super Seafood Tom Yum Pot (RM88 - RM288) depending on the size of your group. Each pot is filled with:

*Tom Yum Soup Refillable*

You can also choose between Normal Spicy or Super Spicy if you have very good tolerance for spicy food. 

Note: Do consider the tolerance of your other friends because they might be sweating buckets by the end of the meal.

An interesting addition to the menu is Yen Ta Fo (RM39) which is a must eat Thai food. This special Thai hotpot is made mainly using soy which is kinda the Thailand version of our Chinese Yong Tau Foo. 

Pim's & The Rama serves their Fresh Siakap Steamed with Chilli & Lime Soup just the way I like it - SPICY! This is a popular dish with sweet fresh siakap paired with tangy chili lime soup. For those of you who are not able to tolerate spicy food, try adding some Chang Beer into the soup. This adds aroma and reduces the spicy level. The overall taste of the soup changes once you add the Chang Beer so you've got to give this a try. 

Pim's & The Rama also offers a wide selection of cocktails with a Thai twist to them. My personal recommendation is the Pim's Red Velvet Garden. Huge glass that is meant for sharing. Especially if you are a fan of Hoegaarden beer, you will enjoy this cool drink. 

However for non-alcoholic beverages, try the Pim's Purple Drink with Lemon using butterfly pea flower. This drink is cooling and refreshing plus really pretty. Watch as the color changes when you pour lemon water into the drink.

Pim's & The Rama definitely did not disappoint with their wide variety of Thai dishes and a Thai chef captaining the kitchen. Now you no longer have to travel all the way to Klang for a taste of their food. Head on to Aman Suria for a Thai experience ;)

Pims & The Rama Thai Food

22 Jalan PJU 1/43A,

Aman Suria Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, 47301 Malaysia,
Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours:

Sunday – Thursday : 11.30am – 12am (food last call 10pm)
Friday & Saturday : 11.30am – 1am (food last call 10pm)