Top 5 Ideas to Throw The Best Unicorn Party Ever

Hi merry goers!

If you're planning to throw the best unicorn party ever, this post is just for you! Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia 5th Anniversary Party, I got to experience being a rainbow unicorn for the day. Hosted in Wondermilk, Uptown Damansara, Tammy and the Butterfly Team organized a tremendous party to celebrate The Butterfly Project's 5th Birthday.

I can't believe how time flies! Throwback to the first day when I joined this awesome community which has played an important part bringing me to where I am today. Mamasan Tammy is really the best mamasan you could ever ask for. Generous and sweet, although often misunderstood, one really should see how big of a heart she has.

Let's move on to how amazing the party was and how YOU can also throw an amazing Unicorn Party too.

Unicorn Party Decorations


 First thing first, the decorations! You can't have a Unicorn Party without turning the place into a Unicorn Wonderland. Thanks to Brrrloon for sponsoring awesome balloons with pastel designs to  make our party so unicorn-y.

We even officiated the party with a pop of glitter streaming out of Brrrloon Balloons!

Don't forget some food and cake to make sure all your Unicorn friends are well fed too.

Unicorn Party Activities

Every party needs some fun activities to get everyone moving around and we definitely had a great time at The Butterfly Project's Unicorn Party. Once we arrived and registered, we received our Unicorn Activity Cards. There are several stations around the place thanks to the sponsors who generously made the party a success.

We had GNGStudiobooth who brought their Boomerang Photobooth! They setup a glittery purple backdrop to suit the theme and had unlimited instant photoprints for us. Aside from the basic instant printing, we also enjoyed the fun props to play around with their Boomerang feature. The Boomerang had a cute unicorn theme overlay which you will receive the digital copy for you to upload onto your social media accounts.

Aside from snapping tons of photos with the other fellow Butterfly Unicorns, we were surprised with gorgeous blooms from Everyday Flowers. They spoiled us with a free personalized mini bouquets where we were able to pick our favourite flower and made it our own. The mini bouquet was so cute and everyone had their own to bring home! If you're looking for flowers to gift your mum this Mother's Day, check them out!

As if those two activities weren't enough, we were surprised when Sydney told us we could adopt our own unicorn to bring home! Cute!! The Butterfly Project set up a Unicorn Adoption Centre courtesy of 50gram. There were adorable unicorn mugs up for adoption where we actually get an adoption certificate. It's legit guys! Say hi to my new unicorn babe.

Finally, we had fun creating our own DIY Auto Inflate Balloon from Brrloon. They not only decorated our party with so many pretty balloons but also for our activities corner. The auto inflate balloon is so unique! After colouring our designs, we just had to smack the centre and poof! It inflates.

Unicorn Makeover 

Now, you can't go for a Unicorn Party without looking like one! Here's my look for the Unicorn Party. I was actually wearing a white dress from twenty3my and got a rainbow tutu to wear over it. On my feet are some pink sneakers with rainbow shoelaces which don't ask me why but yes I do have sneakers like these at home.

For my face, I got my dear friend Melissa to help transform me into a colorful unicorn. Oh boy, the boyfie sure had fun watching me transform into a unicorn for the day. I also used some temporary gold tattoos to bling up my whole look. And how can we forget the horn! No unicorn can go to a party without their horn. I got both my horn and skirt from Carousell which is such a lifesaver.

Look at the gorgeous unicorns that won Trollbeads for the Best Dressed! The amount of effort *Claps hands*

Unicorn Party Bags 

At every party, you've got to have some party bags for your unicorn friends! This year, we had NYX Cosmetics, Belif, Wanderlust Things and Dolly Wink adding their goodies for us.

NYX Cosmetic's Lip of The Day and Vivid Bright are perfect for the Unicorn Makeup Look. Belif sure pamper us with their travel set for us to pamper our skin after the party. Adding on some Unicorn Lashes with Dolly Wink's lashes which I absolutely adore too!

Just look at the dainty unicorn necklace/bracelet that Wanderlust Things included in our Unicorn Party Bag! Just love it and perfect to match the party. And not forgetting the special present Mamasan Tammy prepared for us! A  unicorn brush. Seriously the amount of love she has for us!

Unicorn Friends

Of course what would a party be without Unicorn Friends! It was such a blast with all the gorgeous butterflies who dressed up like unicorns. Really big shoutout and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Butterfly Project! Looking forward to many more years together.

Til next time,