19 Outfits for RM10 at TaPauSab, Jalan Jalan Japan, One City

Hello merrygoers!

It's be again. Back in action and with a super duper awesome sale to share! Do you believe me if I told you I bought 19 pieces of clothes for only RM10? I'm not kidding you!

Last weekend, I popped by Jalan Jalan Japan at One City Mall for their TaPauSab sale. It happens on the last Saturday of every month at their One City USJ and Shamelin Mall Cheras branch only. During TaPauSab, you get the best value bargain on preloved ladies apparels/fashions. For only RM5, you will get one plastic bag to stuff all your findings. Squeeze as many articles as possible into the bag without bursting it. The best deal is to get 3 bags at only RM10! Imagine getting all those preloved apparels at such an amazing bargain.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

This is something I always believe in and Jalan Jalan Japan is the best place to get preloved items from Japan! They will secure these items and clean it so don't worry about the cleanliness. Of course these items are at a decent condition too. They have a wide variety of items ranging from Mens Fashion, Toys, Figurines and all sorts of knick knacks from Japan.

Back to the main event - TAPAUSAB! Here's a walk-through of what to expect from it and some of the items I secured. Jalan Jalan Japan is located at One City and takes up nearly the whole floor. Once you enter, you will see the TaPauSab area. There are mostly Ladies and Children Apparel.

It is well organized with tops and bottoms seperated. We managed to get quite a few good items from the tops selection as well as the bottoms. You would think that there are just low quality items but that's where you are wrong. You can even find winter wear and thick cardigan suitable for travelling to colder countries. Bear in mind, these items are from Japan and they suit the weather there.

After selecting our pick, you can head over to the counter to get your plastic bags. It's up to you how many you want. Squeeze your items into the bag carefully without tearing it.

Tip: Roll up thin items just like a sushi roll to get them in nicely.

Once you're done packing up your items, head over to the counter to get them all taped up! There are still tons more that me and my sister managed to squeeze into the three plastic bags but here are some of our favourite pick.

In total, we managed to secure 19 pieces altogether which includes some thick jackets, blouses, cardigans, shorts and skirts. The condition of the items were good and we were satisfied with our haul.

Don't miss out on the next TaPauSab session! Remember to drop by on the last Saturday and share with me your haul :)

Jalan Jalan Japan, One City 

Level 1A (Block A) Sky Park @ One City, 
47650, Jalan USJ 25/1A, 
One City, 47100 Subang Jaya, Selangor