What to Eat, Shop, Play at Melawati Mall, Setapak

Hello merry goers!

With so many booming malls around Petaling Jaya area, one can be pretty spoil for choice when deciding where to dine, do some shopping or some fun activity. Well I mostly shop around Subang area but a while back, I had the chance to have a fun day out at Melawati Mall in Setapak. 

Launched in 2017, Melawati Mall is a fairly new mall at the area. I've only been there once some time last year but did not have the chance to check it out. Over 620,000 sqft of retail space, you can expect a lot of retail outlets ready for you to patronize. From dining, beauty, retail and even a play space, Melawati Mall has it all.

With a whole group of friends, we spent the whole day out at Melawati Mall and had a blast. With full tummies and hands full of items we shopped for, here's my tour of Melawati Mall and what you can expect to enjoy. 

Let's start with the Food section because food has always been my cup of tea. You get a whole variety of dining options from Western, Asian, Cafes, Dessert and much more. Having brunch at San Francisco Coffee started off our tour with happy tummies. I never actually tried San Francisco Coffee's food except for their Frappes and it was delightful. Unfortunately they were out of bagels which means another visit to try out their bagels. Bagels anyone? 

For lunch options, there are several you can choose from. You've got Baba Nyonya and Row Six for some authentic South East cuisines. Totally recommend you trying Row Six for their platter which is absolutely divine. One platter has the whole South East cuisine on it and you can share it among your friends. Baba Nyonya delights with their traditional dishes which serves great for a tea session. 

If you prefer Western cuisines, try out NY Steak Shack or Pizza Hut which serves good western dishes. Pizza Hut actually surprised me with their improved pizza selections. I have not had very satisfying meals at Pizza Hut but the meal at Melawati Mall sure changed my mind. NY Steak Shack served decent affordable steaks for those of you who crave for some steaks without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Moving on to the Asian side, Sapoong and Hei Sushi served good Korean and Japanese dishes. My tummy was greatly delighted with the meal at Sapoong. With great hospitable hosts and the authentic Korean dishes, I would definitely head back for another meal. They had a wide range of dishes and their dessert range was satisfying too. Also, they have Hotteok which I've been craving to try and wish to fly to Korea to try. Thank God for Sapoong as they do serve Hotteok as one of their dishes.

Hey Sushi serves fusion Japanese dishes. I've had the chance to review them in the past and they have very unique dishes like Jackfruit and Otak-Otak Sushi.

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If you are looking for snacks, don't worry because Melawati Mall has it all! From Daily Fresh for some good waffles and corn to Pappa Roti for aromatic Mexican buns, you will definitely not go hungry in Melawati Mall. Not forgetting, they also have Kek Oree Span which serves the famous jiggly sponge cake from Taiwan. Just imagine walking by and smelling freshly baked huge jiggly cakes! It smell so divine and we grabbed a box to enjoy hot and also chilled in the fridge. 

Done with food, let's move on to SHOPPING! There are so many retail shops to go crazy in especially with their good deals. Not those common stores in other malls, you get a variety of different styles such as Max Fashion, Common Sense and Good2U. 

You can get awesome deals from Max Fashion and Good2U. You get a wide variety of fashionable clothes at a great deal. From casual wear, to office wear and even sports attire, Max Fashion has it all. They are similar to H&M with their own private label clothings and they have so many styles at affordable prices. You can get decent outfits under RM39 for women, men and children too. They have super markdowns up to 70%.

At Good2U, you get super awesome deals such as tops for RM13. I'm not kidding you because I got a bomber jacket and a few cardigans for RM100. The quality of the clothes were really good and they are some kind of retail store carrying items even from H&M. 

The retail store that caught my eye was Common Sense because their simple shirts take you back to your childhood! You will even get graphic shirts with designs from Adventure Time, Coca-Cola, Disney, Sesame Street, Peanuts, Pacman and so much more. Just look at the huge range of designs that they have. 

There are also other mentionable retail stores like US Polo with their preppy outfits and Jubahsouq for those who are looking for pretty Muslimah attire which I must say are really pretty. Their quality is really good and great to be worn for event or everyday wear. 

Otherwise, how about some jewellery from Wah Chan? They are having crazy discounts up to 75% and for Gold 916/999, they are offering it at discounts of RM8 - RM25/gm. Maybe get a little something for your loved ones. The Wah Chan store in Melawati Mall is a speciality store where you can find some limited edition items not available at other branches.

Moving on to Beauty and Wellness, you can get great cosmetics from Elianto. I personally am using Elianto cosmetics and they are really of a decent quality. Many of their cosmetics are made overseas and they recently launched a Durian series which was really unique. 

If you're looking for some skincare products, drop by Aster Spring as they are offering an exclusive deal of RM500 for their RM1,256 package (inclusive facials and skincare products). You can also try their Dermalogica products for your skincare regime. You can get a consultation from their skin consultants to understand your skin better. 

Melawati Mall has an aesthetic clinic, Me Clinic which offers aesthetic services such as laser treatments, facial uplifts etc. Me Clinic is a certified clinic so no worries about getting your concerns addressed. 

For your hair needs, stop by A Saloon and get beautified. They offer a range of hair services and special note that they have a private room service for Muslim women too. 

For those of you with kids, here's some of the places you can bring them. Reminisce your childhood at MPH Bookshop just like me! I used to spend a lot of time at MPH Bookshop when my mum was shopping when I was younger. I loved spending time reading my favourite books like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and more. It's a great place to actually cultivate the love of books in children. 

Otherwise, how about Toys R' Us? Filled with fun toys and games, I am amazed with how toys have evolved. Literally you get so many different varieties of toys while there are some nostalgic dolls which brings me back to the past too. 

But here's the fun part! Because there is a is a Kidz Zone Playland area where there is a huge playground you can bring your kids. Let them run free and explore the whole playground which even has a huge slide too. Don't worry because there are sufficient staff on duty to ensure your children's safety. 

This ends my exploration at Melawati Mall for the day. You really have got to check it our for yourselves as there are much more to offer like Pets Lover Centre for your pets's needs or check out The Travel Store if you're looking for some luggage bags as they have some good deals in store. 

Happy exploring and til next time,