KNOWHERE Eatery, Bar & Cigars, Bangsar

Hi merry goers!

Time for another makan session with me. This time round, let's have it with a couple of tapas and drinks to match. KNOWHERE Eatery, Bar & Cigars is a upcoming hit place to enjoy fancy tapas in Bangsar. Located right smack in front of the main road, you will not be able to miss this French-inspired tapas eatery which serves interesting drinks too.

Walking into KNOWHERE, the interior transport you to another dimension with the starry ceiling and wall art. Just opened last July, it is already making its mark as one of the must checkout restaurant bars in town.

Their menu ranges from delicious tapas, pizzas, sandwiches, light bites paired with crafted cocktails and mocktails to match. During our visit to KNOWHERE, we were treated to an assortment of their finest dishes such as Duck Confit Pizza, Burnt Butter Steak, Grilled Calamari and more.

In the Tapas selection, my recommended pick has got to be the Burnt Butter Steak (RM26.80) where you will be served a juicy thick piece of sliced flank steak, well-seasoned and very tender. Seared medium rare, the juices ooze out and paired perfectly with their chili burnt butter sauce.

Their Smoked Plume & Plum (RM24.80) - House made Smoked Duck is also a mentionable dish as it is served with plum peach salsa, mango sauce and onion marmalade. How do you know if the dish is really good? It's when it disappears within minutes of serving. The side salsa and sauces really paired well with the smoked duck making it a enjoyable dish.

Moving on to the Grilled Calamari (RM24.80) which was pared with KNOWHERE's Signature Sambal Belacan Salsa, this dish would really make an impression. The Sambal Belacan Salsa hit the spot at the right note and was a fan favourite for the night. You get a hint of local flavor in the salsa which paired amazingly with the Grilled Calamari - well tender and not rubbery.

Of course, when you out with the boys or girls having a drink or two, nachos are normally the crowd favourite. At KNOWHERE, their Nachos (RM26.80) has crispy fried tortillas topped with their special sambal guaamole, jalapenos, Month Jack cheese and pulled roasted chicken. Needless to say, it also got snatched up quickly.

For those of you who love seafood, try the Mussel Sambal with Basil Lime (RM15.80). The Chilean Black Mussel is cooked in a mixture of basil lime chili and the signature sambal belacan salsa which gives a nice heat in the dish. I personally am not a fan of seafood but the rest of my companions enjoyed it well.

But I have to say I loved the Chicken Liver Pate (RM15.80)! The house-made Pate was served with crackers, bread and jam and was delectable. If you are a fan of liver, you will definitely love this. Super creamy, well seasoned and just tastes so divine when paired with the sweet jam. My utmost recommended choice.

KNOWHERE also serves heartier options such as pizzas and they have a wide selection. From the Duck Confit Pizza (RM36.80) which is a Flambe Style pizza topped with onion marmalade, confit onion and duck confit, it is an interesting type of pizza to savor. The base of the pizza isn't your regular pizza dough as it is made with fluffy sourdough which gives it a different bite and texture. Everything from the pizza base to the smoked duck and the sauces are all made in-house.

If you prefer chicken, get their Chicken Mexiana Pizza (RM28.80) - served with grilled chicken, chicken sausages, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos and olives. Or how about a mushroom party with the Al-Funghi Pizza (RM28.80), a vegetarian option which was topped with loads of wild mushroom and cheese.

Once we're done with the food, let's talk a bit about the drinks section. I'm not much of a drinker myself and I was driving that night so I did not really get to enjoy their drinks. KNOWHERE bar greatly shoutout their list of original mocktails and cocktails. The drink list is nearly two pages long so you know you are well covered for drinks.

Presentation wise, KNOWHERE sure has us mesmerized. The Kopi Negroni (RM32) was served in a skull glass bottle and with an ice ball. It has Spiced Rum with Homemade Kopi Tongkat Ali Liqour and Kopi Hitam. If you plan to stay out all night long, this has definitely got to be the drink to go for.

We also have the Smoked Popcorn Old Fashioned (RM36) and Sirap Setan (RM32) which both is really pretty. The Sirap Setan has Lemongrass & Pandan infused Gin with homemade rose water, cherry blossom & sours while the Smoked Popcorn Old Fashioned is Whisky stirred with popcorn syrup & grapefruit bitters smoked with in-house wood chips.

All in all, KNOWHERE has quality food and drinks to go with plus an enjoyable setting to chill with friends. Their vision is to offer their customers more than just food and drinks but an entire experience of having exquisite cocktails paired with their fine dishes in a comfortable setting. So the next time you're looking for a place to chill, you can consider paying a visit to KNOWHERE :)

KNOWHERE Eatery, Bar & Cigars

50, Jalan Maarof
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 010-220 2358