Hair Makeover and Treatment, 90's Hairstyle @ Sri Petaling

Hello merry goers!

How is August treating you? For those of you who are following me on my social media accounts (which you should), you'd probably notice that I had a hair makeover done a few weeks ago.

I had jet black hair nearly my whole life aside from some color done a few years back. After growing out my previous hair color, I paid a visit to 90's Hairstyle, located at Sri Petaling to give myself some uplift. Many have been saying my black hair is making me look rather dull so off to the hair salon we go.

Located at one of the busiest parts of Sri Petaling, parking might be difficult but 90's Hairstyle do provide some empty parking spaces for their customers :) Walking into the quaint hair salon, I was welcomed by my hairstylist for the day. Jason has been working in 90's Hairstyle for quite some time and is experienced in providing the best service to their customers.

After assessing my hair condition, we went through several hair colors and discussed what would be best for my hair. I am not really a fan of bleaching my whole head plus I liked a hair color that was sustainable and didn't require me to keep going back for touch ups. So, Jason recommended me only bleaching my ends to get a gradient look while maintaining a darker color on top. Honestly, I was very tempted to get like wild colors such as pink and purples but let's keep that for next time.

Before we start any work on my hair, the Milbon Scalp Protectant was sprayed on my scalp to protect it from the hair dye - making sure it does not get badly damaged. For those of you who suffer burns from dyeing your hair, this is what you totally need because it's like a safety protection layer for your scalp.

Next, my hair was sectioned and the initial bleaching and lightening begins. Throughout the whole process, OLAPLEX products were used on my hair. OLAPLEX is the leading 3-steps hair treatment system that can be used alone or with other services to restore compromised hair. For this step, the OPAPLEX Bond Multiplier was added into the mixture. This helps to rebuilds the broken protein bonds in our hair to prevent further damaging from harsh chemicals when we bleach our hair.

As you can see, they actually sectioned out parts of my hair to dye it and create a more subtle gradiation instead of full-on bleach. This will help create highlights in my hair and make the two toned color much more natural.

Next, to speed up the process and help the bleach do it's job - a heater was used which feels like a mini sauna session for my hair. 

It was then time to wash out the bleach and after washing out the bleach, OLAPLEX Step 2: Bond Perfector was used.

The second step works like a hair treatment where it continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds. This will help your hair to be stronger, shinier and healthier at the end of the treatment. The whole treatment was so comfortable because who doesn't love a nice hair wash and massage?

Next up, it was time to blow dry my hair and here's the end result just after the bleach. Honestly I was surprised by how bright the color was but you can see how there are different shades in my hair. My hair after the wash was also soft and not dry like I expected. Must be thanks to the OLAPLEX treatments.

While I was still digesting my hair color, it was time for the real hair transformation to begin. Tsuya hair treatment lotion was mixed into the dye mixture. TSUYA hair treatment works to replenish moisture back to our hair with the high content of amino acid and hyaluronic acid, fused with 100% natural collagen powder. This helps with frizzy hair and tangled ends plus can also strengthen our hair. Just a few drops can help the hair color last longer on the hair.

Just like before, the hair dye was applied carefully and I noticed there was minimal contact to my scalp. Throughout the whole process, I did not notice any burning sensation like what I experienced before. The hair dye was left to set for a few minutes before it is washed off.

Jason also used MILBON jemile fran hair treatment to my hair to add in back moisture and shine. This treatment is designed for busy people because it takes super fast to treat back any damage hair. This two step treatment takes about 30 minutes and leaves you with soft and manageable hair. 

The first treatment is a wash-off treatment and the smell is really fragrant and soothing. I nearly fell asleep while my hair was washed using the first treatment.

For the second part, it was slowly massaged into my hair strands using a special technique. Then a Nano Mist was used to seal in the moisture and the treatment. My hair turned out looking shiny and healthy after the whole process even after bleaching and dyeing.


Here's the end result of the hair makeover from 90s Hairstyle! This was actually one day after my makeover when I was en-route to Singapore. Mind you, it is recommended not to wash your hair at least 2 days after dyeing so that you can retain the hair color longer. Surprisingly, my hair which I normally have to wash every day was not oily and maintained looking fresh even during the second day. 

My hair has now slowly faded to a golden brown which many have complimented. Really recommend you to pay a visit to 90's Hairstyle at Sri Petaling to get your hair makeover because you will be truly satisfied with them. Thank you once again to 90's Hairstyle for having me :)

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