Late Night Shopping at POP by Jaya One

Past 10pm and no where to go? Rushing for Chinese New Year shopping and every where else is closed? Now you no longer have to worry because POP by Jaya One now offers Late Night Shopping every Friday to Sunday!

I had the pleasure of being one of the first few to enjoy late night shopping at POP by Jaya One. If you're not sure what POP by Jaya One is, imagine a curated space with some of your popular online sellers. Very unique and personalized space where you find hidden gems which make you POP!

During the first Late Night Shopping, certified Image Consultants from AICI Malaysia were present to share valuable tips on how to select the right clothes and accessories that compliments our unique body shapes. 

We were also assigned with our own personal image consultants as we went through the numerous racks of clothes and accessories in POP by Jaya One. For those of you who are looking for professional styling services, you can contact AICI Malaysia :)

Besides that, we were pampered to a free makeup session by Malswisse Beauty School and unique alcoholic drinks by Sanbos' mixologist. It was definitely a different experience shopping and enjoying ourselves at the hour where all shops were closed. 

POP by Jaya One will host more workshops and events in conjunction with their Late Night Shopping sessions so get the latest update by checking their Facebook Page: