Pursue Your Dream to be a Filmmaker in the Born of the Galaxy Stars Competition Today!

Filmmaking can be discovered, created, and cherished by anyone – be inspired 

With the Galaxy S22 Ultra in hand, four amazing local directors filmed their short films with the theme of Borderless with Nightography in four (4) different genres – fashion, fitness, music, and romance. In line with the Born of the Galaxy Stars short film competition endorsed by the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest), Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to present to you the trailer teasers to inspire all aspiring filmmakers out there!

Using lights and shadows to express Nightography, while playing with animation to give her film fun and edgy effect, Laura Low of Passion Plus shares her excitement in fashion while filming #withGalaxy. 

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Ismail Jamaludin of Plus expresses that when filming #withGalaxy, the Nightography experience was a revelation for him – putting together both his passion for fitness and filmmaking into one ultimate performance. With auto-framing, even when his talents move around, he is able to capture them in every frame. 

For Jawagar Samidurai of Graph Studios, music enriches and inspires. He aims to create a musical experience that is visually electrifying. Achieving shots where lights become the rhythm of motion with video stabilization no matter how he moves around while filming. 

A romantic dreamer: Taufiq Kamal of Seni Lab Studio believes that love is a union of two souls. Taufiq would like to take you on a journey of light through his eyes with the help of Adaptive Pixel technology – which helps let in more light even in the dark. 

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq_lb58BUF8 

With the Galaxy S22 Series, you can do it too! Participate in the Born of the Galaxy Stars 1 film competition by submitting a short script in line with the theme Borderless with Nightography by 17 April 2022. 

To find out more about Born of the Galaxy Stars Short Film Competition, please visit: https://www.mgga.com.my/born-of-the-galaxy-stars-shortfilm2022/ 

To submit your entries for the Born of the Galaxy Stars Short Film Competition, please visit: https://bit.ly/3tw4kvM 

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