Guilt-Free Pearl Milk Tea Cravings Satisfied With Nu Skin’s TRGO® Protein+

Hi merrygoers! 

Do you know how much protein do you need to consumer on a daily basis? Sufficient protein intake is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of vital tissues especially when your daily routine involves vigorous physical activities. The sufficient intake also differs with age, activity level, and nutritional goals. 

Unfortunately, with our hectic lifestyle it can sometimes mean that we might not have time to obtain the appropriate amount of nutrients needed for your body. This is where I've got a solution for you with the launch of the NEW Nu Skin TRGO® Protein+!

Nu Skin launches the TRGO® Protein+, offering a delicious and convenient way to boost your protein intake. The TRGO® Protein+ provides you with plant-based protein from soy, making it ideal for lacto-ovo-vegetarians as well. 

Formulated with a protease that improves protein digestion and enhances amino acid absorption the consumption provides you with a boosted protein intake. This allows you to grow, develop and repair body tissues.

But that's not the best news! The best news is that it comes in pearl milk tea flavour, which consists of a combination of natural black tea extract, black tea flavour and vanilla flavour. This means that we get our protein intake without sacrificing the taste! Enjoy a good mouthfeel with a pleasant tea aroma and satisfies your milk tea cravings without worrying about exceeding your daily calorie intake.

“Boosting your protein intake doesn’t always have to take hours of preparation with complicated ingredients. Sometimes it can be something as quick as grabbing a protein-packed drink,” said Hendrix Wong, Vice President, Market Operations of Nu Skin Malaysia & Brunei. 

“On top of that, nutritional food has always been stereotyped as food that tastes bland, and that makes it hard for certain individuals to transition to a healthier option. This is why we opted to release the TRGO® Protein+ in pearl milk tea flavor. 

We understand that it is hard to curb certain cravings and that pearl milk tea is still very popular in Southeast Asia. Why go against the cravings when we can leverage it to come up with something tasty yet still good for your body?” he added.

Malaysia is the first country that introduced and launched pearl milk tea-flavored TRGO® Protein+ into the Southeast Asia market. Every sachet of the TRGO® Protein+ is 10g in mass that can be consumed before or after a meal and/or workout, and also as a healthy snack. 

It is super simple! Now you can create a delicious protein drink within 10 seconds to boost your dietary protein anytime when you need it! Simply add 1 sachet to 150ml of water and shake to mix until all the powder is dissolved. 

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Do not miss this chance! T&C Apply:

Nu Skin TRGO® Protein+ now available online and via authorized distributors at a launch promotion! Save up to RM113 when you purchase the Family Pack. That's just RM7 per cup! Such a steal. You can also opt for the Twin Pack and save RM25.