The Top 3 Perks of Galaxy Watch5 Series That’ll Help You Become “That Girl”

You’ve probably heard of the “that girl” trend by now if you’ve ever browsed through the TikTok “For You Page” or Instagram “Reels”. In short, “that girl” resembles self-love, wellness physically and mentally, making positive changes in your life, and improving yourself every day to become a better person. 

The typical day of “that girl” would usually involve waking up early, eating well, exercising, going outside, journaling and dressing stylishly. If you’re still working on making 2022 the year you become your best self, here’s how are some practical ways you can practice living “that girl” lifestyle with the help of the Galaxy Watch5 Series! 

Although the phrase is genderized as “girl”, it has nothing to do with gender, so guys are of course encouraged to adopt the lifestyle! 

Morning Routine: Rise Early with the Sun 

Morning routines are crucial if you’re serious about improving your lifestyle. Waking up early will give you extra time to be more productive and accomplish things you want to. Wear the Galaxy Watch5 all night to check your health around the clock with its improved sleep tracking technology – sleep scores, sleep charts, and snores detection.

By knowing your precise sleeping patterns (awake, light, deep, REM) via your animal sleep symbol, you can understand better on which stages to take note of for optimum mental and physical recovery. Then, you’ll be inspired to adopt healthier sleeping hygiene. We’d suggest altering your sleeping environment or taking on the one-month Advanced Sleep Coaching program in the Samsung Health app! Throughout the one-month course, the Galaxy Watch5 will feed you with daily missions, checklists, sleep-related articles, meditation guidance and sleep summary reports to empower you to improve your sleep quality and get ready for the next day of challenges. 

Afternoon Routine: Get Movin’ and Active

“That girl” is always on-the-go, productive, and motivated. So, try challenging yourself to be active and work out for at least 30 minutes every day with the Galaxy Watch5, perhaps a simple jog or run around your neighborhood. The workout tracking tool in the watch will automatically track your activity and evaluate your performance with the Advanced Running Metrics. 

Like a personal coach on your wrist, the running metrics include detailed targeted drills – such as asymmetry, stiffness, regularity, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time – to improve various aspects of your running performance and educate ways to perfect your form to prevent possible injuries. If you’re an outdoor adventure enthusiast, it’s no surprise that your day will be filled with adrenaline rush activities like rock climbing, hiking, or biking. But while you’re at it, remember to wear your sturdy Galaxy Watch5 Pro throughout to track your progress because every sweat counts. 

The smartwatch is able to auto-detect physical activities and support over 90 exercise progress tracking, from steps to calories and more. Made with 2x tougher Sapphire Crystal glass display, Titanium case, and is water resistant at IP68 rating, you need not worry about the Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s durability during your adventures because it is indestructible. 

Night Routine: Check-in and Connect with Yourself 

It is easy to get distracted by all the negative things happening in the world, so engaging in positive self-talk and self-awareness is essential to enhance your well-being. Free an hour from your night to check in and connect with yourself via meditation, manifestation, listening to music, or journaling. 

Through the Samsung Health app, you can enjoy a variety of mindfulness, meditation, and storytelling activities to help you increase your sense of tranquillity and inner peace. When work or school gets too demanding and stresses you out, the Galaxy Watch5 will automatically detect it and prompts you to practice breathing exercises to relax

Besides empowering your spiritual wellness, it is important to check daily on your physical health too, especially your heart. The powerful Samsung BioActive sensor controls two health sensors effectively: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor that detects body composition, and Optical Heart Rate (HR) sensor that monitors cardiovascular health. 

If your data shows unhealthy readings, do utilize the “Set Body Composition Targets” feature in Galaxy Watch5 to set your targets on specific body parts, whether its muscle building or losing weight. It’ll help you plan your fitness journey better and motivate you to achieve your health goals quicker its regular tips and rewards.

Ultimately, it is important to understand that becoming “That Girl” isn’t about chasing impressive physical results or adopting uncomfortable routines to be a habit. As long as you’re always prioritizing yourself and incorporating healthy habits that bring joy, value, and balance to your life, then congratulations! You’ve succeeded in finding the best version of yourself! The Galaxy Watch5 Series is a great tool to help you to be good to yourself, so get one of yours today in-store too, and enjoy the awesome rewards that go along with it! 

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