Coolblog Indulgence Series Review: Best Caramel Drinks in Malaysia

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Looking for the best caramel drinks in Malaysia? Try the new Indulgence series from Coolblog, the leading Halal dessert and beverage brand. The Indulgence series has four caramel drinks with delicious toppings like caramel sauce, cheese mousse, and Lotus Biscoff crumbs. In this Coolblog Indulgence series review, I'll tell you all about these drinks and why you should try them.

## What is Coolblog?

Coolblog is Malaysia's top Halal dessert and beverage brand that offers milk tea, smoothies, yogurt drinks, shaved ice and more. Coolblog has over 300 outlets and is always adding new products to its menu. Coolblog aims to provide quality products at affordable prices and excellent service.

## What is the Indulgence series?

The Indulgence series is the latest product from Coolblog that features four flavours of caramel drinks. The Indulgence series was launched on 13 April 2023 and is priced from RM9.90 per drink. You can find them at any Coolblog kiosk. Here are the four flavours:

  • *NEW* Cookies & Cream Indulgence: Vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies and caramel drizzle. Perfect for cookies and cream lovers.
  • Triple Coffee Indulgence: Three layers of coffee: espresso, coffee jelly and coffee mousse. Topped with caramel sauce and Lotus Biscoff crumbs. A must-try for coffee lovers.
  • Lattecino Indulgence: A blend of milk tea and cappuccino. Topped with cheese mousse and caramel sauce. Ideal for those who enjoy both tea and coffee.
  • Choctiramisu Indulgence: Chocolate milk with tiramisu mousse and chocolate chips. Topped with caramel sauce and Lotus Biscoff crumbs. A delight for chocolate lovers.

## What is the Caramelicious combo?

Along with the Indulgence series, Coolblog also introduces the Caramelicious combo, which is a waffle with salted caramel spread and caramel popcorn. The waffle is crispy and fluffy, and the salted caramel spread adds a sweet and salty balance. The caramel popcorn is crunchy and sweet, and will be available soon at Coolblog kiosks. The Caramelicious combo is priced from RM7.90 per waffle.

## Why try the Indulgence series and Caramelicious combo?

Here are some reasons to try the Indulgence series and Caramelicious combo from Coolblog:

  •  They are Halal certified, so you can enjoy them without worries.
  • They are made with fresh and quality ingredients, so you can taste the difference.
  • They are affordable and convenient, so you can get them anytime and anywhere.
  • They are indulgent and satisfying, so you can treat yourself to something special.

So don't wait any longer. Head over to Coolblog today and indulge yourself with their new Indulgence series and Caramelicious combo. You'll love it!

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