Burger Bakar Tanah Merah

Another food review about Burger Bakar. Burger bakar is well known for its towering burger patties in KL. Well we have it here at Kelantan as well. One at Kota Bahru and another at Tanah Merah town. This review is for the Tanah Merah outlet.

The stall:

Location: The food outlets opposite Pizza Hut Tanah Merah, Kelantan

The menu:

Regular Hot Beef: Rm 6.70
Regular Hot Chicken: RM 6.90
Hot Beef Cheese: Rm 7.70
Hot Chicken Cheese: RM 7.90

Double Peaceful (Chicken/Beef/Mixed): Rm 12 / Rm 13 (cheese)
Hot Tower (3 layers): RM 19 with free frankfurter set

The burgers:

Double Peaceful Mix

Double Peaceful Beef

I personally feel that the beef burgers are much tastier compared to the chicken patties. They have more texture and it is really pure beef meat! So much more satisfying compared to McD and other burger outlets. I've tried the one at KB and their burger are also very delicious.. If you like your burgers with more sauce the KB burger would suit you better as they dip their patties into black pepper sauce before placing it on the burger buns which make them so much more moist and flavourful. 

We also ate the chicken chop from the stall next door which is super cheap at RM 5.00! Where can you find chicken chop at that price. They also have lamb chops at RM 9 :)

Besides that we had ABC (ice kacang) from two different stalls which we then mix together which made it so much better! Creating our own recipe! 

Both are priced at RM 2.50 each :)

Here are some pictures of eating time!

Coursemates: Su May & Mei Mei

Sharing love over a bowl of ABC :)

Meet  roommate : Sze Hui :)

After dinner, we sent Mei Mei to the train station and here are some pictures of the model train that is in front of the train station :)

That's all for now~ Toodles :)