Love, a simple word that brings about so many meanings depending on one's perception. Some use love for their own interest, bring themselves joy or even bring others sadness. Without really understanding the meaning of love how does one even know how to love?

Love can be described with words and actions. Sometimes the words we say may hurt the one with love.. while some words we say are said because we love them

At times, when we are in love, we don't know when to let go
When things are not meant to be, we insist on holding on causing grief to ourselves and to others
What actually is love?

Love differs from infatuation
Infatuation last only a moment when the time is right we feel we are in love
As they say, love is blind that I have to agree
At times we cannot see the wrongs of our love ones
We try to understand them
Try to accept them and love them for who they are
But when they say that they are slowly falling out of love with one another
What can be done?
Do we still continue to hold on?
Is it the correct thing to do?

When you are in love with one another
Can you really start to love the person lesser each day by each action they do?
Is that love?
Isn't love impartial? No matter what you do they will still love you?

Once a person told me...
The actions I do does not make her love me any less... 
Although it hurts her she still love me as I am..
That is true love...

It is always important to remember
Our loved ones will always love us and never forsake us
That is the difference between someone who truly loves us and someone who doesn't

L.O.V.E one another