Havaianas Collectible Summer Kit: A Holiday Essential

The Butterfly Project and Havaianas Malaysia is kicking off a Cinderella Hunt with a fun blogging activity! All you need to do to win your very own limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit which comes with a premium artist flip flop along with a matching towel is:

1. Blog about the Havaianas Summer Kit
2. Tell us in your blog why you want it!
3. Mention your shoe size so we know if the shoe fits

So here's my blogpost! I hope I can win the limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit!!

Firstly what is in each Summer Kit? 

As you can see, you'll get not only a flip-flop with a pin-up girl illustration but also a matching towel! What a set!!

Here's a larger image of what you can win! Image credits: FemaleMag

Especially in Malaysia where it is summer all year round, the Havaianas Summer Kit is every summer girl's dream item! It is so suitable for a quick dip in the pool to refresh ourselves in the hot weather and you'll attract everyone with this limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit! Imagine yourself surrounded by palm trees, with the sound of the ocean and a cool breeze slowly bringing the smell of the ocean and there you are in your limited edition Summer Kit! You'll feel like you're in Hawaii~ Aloha :)

The illustrations are done by the famous American illustrator Gil Elvgren who is well-known for his pin-up paintings which have been published by huge clients like Brown & Bigelow and Coca-cola!.

Ooh! Please let me win this fabulous Summer Kit and I hope I am the chosen Cinderella for the Butterfly Project even though my shoe size isn't really Cinderella's shoes size! (I'm roughly size 8 or 9) >.<
Thanks so much to the Butterfly Project! 

Love, Miriam