EVENT: Matis Product Launch @ Secret Garden, KL

Thanks again to the Butterfly Project and Tammy for inviting me to the launch of Matis products at Secret Garden, KL.

This is the first time going for a product launch and having to write up a blog post about it. Firstly, if you all are confused about the sign below, don't worry. Passion Road and Secret Garden are under the same company and I initially thought it was at Passion Road so...*face palm*

Before going to the location of the launch, I actually Googled the place and found out that it was also rented out for private occasions :) Love the green lush trees welcoming me into the restaurant. So cooling and breezy feeling. There have been several reviews on this place for wedding reception, parties and so on. I feel that it is really suitable for a cozy event.

Lush green scenery greeting you

Passion Road, An Exterior Venue for Private Events

Decor on the trees

However, the main event is the mATIS launch! Was ushered into the launch area and given a goody bag with travel set Matis product :) *Hopefully I will remember to review it later*

Totally love the hanging light pieces at Secret Garden! Don't they look so enchanting? :) Can't help taking photos of the venue.

Nature inspired light chandelier 

mATIS Paris Launch

Firstly let me give a short introduction on mATIS Paris. Matis Paris Professional Skincare has been in the market for more than 75years. They excel in professional beauty treatments and most of their products are used in beauty salons and dermatologists. Matis is now launching their product in Malaysia and you will soon see your local beauty saloons carrying this product for their beauty treatments. Matis holds the concept of giving an answer to all your skin problems from head to toe. This is why they product name as the word Response which is to respond to your questions and help solve them.

The fundamentals of Matis are:
  • Specific and Patented formulas
  • High Definition active ingredients
  • Creative R&D laboratory
  • Performance of their product
  • Result of the skin/texture/fragrance/giving pleasure and comfort

There are 12 targeted Response lines in Matis products. However, on display during the launch are:

  • Response Corrective (To correct expression line and signs of aging)
  • Response Purete (For combination and oily skin)
  • Response Jeunesse (Prevent ageing line and helps preserve and prolong skin's youth)
  • Response Delicate (Moisturising and nourishing for sensitive and reactive skin)
  • Response Vitalite (For tired skin lacking of radiance and in need for regeneration)

mATIS Product on display

mATIS Reponse Jeunsse 

mATIS Response Premium

mATIS Response Vitalite
mATIS Response Delicate
mATIS Response Corrective

Emcee for the event, Ryan

Marketing Director for mATIS, Sam
During the launch, Alexia from Paris gave us an introduction about mATIS product line and also on how the product is able to help solve all our skin problems. She is really so pretty and her skin is glowing with radiance!

Beauty trainer from Paris, Alexia

Official launch with ambassador, Penny 陈滇金

Penny 陈滇金 is elected as the official ambassador for mATIS Malaysia as her skin problems were also solved by Matis! Three months ago, her skin was in a terrible condition due to the environment and stress. She had red skin with acne from her forehead until her neck area. She also tried many products to solve her problem and even went for facial once a week but with no changes to ther skin. In fact, her skin condition worsen after using so many different products!

Until one day, Ryan introduced her to mATIS she decided to try out the product. The beauty expert warned her ahead that she needs to persevere when using the product initially as all her skin allergies and reactions will surface within the first week of using the product. She took two weeks holiday to rest and regenerate her skin and after using the product, her skin recovered and became so youthful that the makeup artist thought that she was in her early twenties! She is a real testimony to mATIS efficiency to solve her skin problems! Her skin now is so smooth and pretty! 

Penny 陈滇金 as the official ambassador for mATIS Paris

After the launch, we were invited to have buffet lunch prepared indoors. Thank goodness for indoor seating as it was very hot outdoors! Love the interior of the restaurant! The ambiance was really great. Forgot to take photo of the washroom! There was this nice natural concept of handing their toilet papers on tree branch inside the washroom. 

Love the chandelier 

The food prepared for us was really scrumptious! There was nasi lemak, Aglio-olio spaghetti, boxing chicken, vegetables with vegetarian scallops and many others! Really had my fill that day :)

Of course after lunch, I went around and took some snapshots. Love the tree with the hanging doves. So lovely. 

Love the concept of the hanging cages and white doves
Find it weird that I am in a baju kurung? It was a workday on the day of the launch and I took some time off before lunch to attend the launch so that's why I am in a baju kurung!

Also met butterflies at the event and one of them is Anis from The Thinker Belle! Love meeting new people!

Me and Anis :)

Overall, the launch of Matis product was a success but too bad I couldn't stay back for the beauty demo since I had to rush back to work :( If you all are wondering about Matis, just head on to their Facebook page at Matis Malaysia!

Love, Miriam


  1. Nice meeting you too! We should meet again ;D Maybe going to same event again ^^