MIHAS 2014

The past week has been pretty hectic and I had a week of hotel stay at Sunway Putra Hotel *will review it soon* because of the Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2014! Have you all heard about MIHAS? Previously before my internship, I did not really take notice of this event but in actual fact this is the 12th time for MIHAS. MIHAS is the global halal market place for halal sellers and buyers worldwide. This is the place where all halal services and products are displayed. MIHAS is more of a trade fair but for those who are interested you can join the Halal Exhibition which will be held at Mines Convention Centre soon :) 

Fellow colleagues

Fellow intern-mate busy with his phone!

There are many global pavilions at MIHAS for example the Indonesia and South Africa pavilion which I was in charge of taking care of. Technically, I was responsible to distribute and collect the feedback form from all the exhibitors at my hall and also of course do some networking with them. From the Indonesian booth, there were more processed food products and coffee products especially the famous and expensive kopi luwak. 

Do you all know what kopi luwak is? Kopi Luwak is actually civet coffee which refers to the seeds of coffee berries that have been eaten and digested by the Asian palm civet. So technically the coffee comes from the droppings of the civet. And this coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is very strong and it is expensive as the civet only chooses to eat coffee berries with better beans which they then digest it and defecate it. I don't know about you but one time trying this is enough for me. 

Most of the exhibitors participate in MIHAS to meet buyers and exporters who are interested with their products. Of course they are also interested in entering the Malaysian market. 

Indonesia pavillion

South Africa pavillion

Sorry for the lack of photos because had been very busy during the event. Of course this year round, MIHAS opened an extra hall which is Hall 6 for the Malaysian pavilion and also a stage for demonstrations from the exhibitors. There were few celebrities that came to MIHAS. Firstly, do you all know who is Norman Musa?

Norman  Musa  is a Malaysian chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur, based in London, UK. he is also the creator, co-owner and Executive Chef of Ning restaurant in Manchester. He had a booth selling his books and also promoting his products.

Norman Musa
Dato' Fazley Yaakob, the winner of the first Masterchef Celebrity Malaysia also had a cooking demonstration for the Treasure Drop and Treasure Sands where he was the ambassador for that brand. He was demonstrating the strength of the sugar replacement product in baking.

Dato' FazleyYaakob

Lastly, meet Chef Zam one of the celebrity chef I always watch on television together with Chef Wan and the rest! He has lost so much weight since the last time I saw him on TV! One of the humble chefs in Malaysia :) *Thumbs up*

Chef Zam

Secretariat for MIHAS 2014

And of course! Kudos to all those who worked their butts for the success of MIHAS 2014!

Love, Miriam