Elemental Beauties

Ola~ My dear Merry-Goers! I'm here to officially post my first Project Post with the dear Syaza from BloobsBlurps! She is a blogger I came to know online and she organized this Blogger Project where a few of us bloggers collaborate for a Beauty/Fashion post based on the themes we have. She previously organized a project based on Colours of the Rainbow and it really looked like fun! So.. I'm collaborating with her and several other bloggers for this project called Elemental Beauties

Check out the cool poster she prepared for this time's project! So out of this world. 

I was given the element Earth! So excited when I first found out about my element and really thought hard about what I want to include in my post. Earth is one of the classical elements and is closely related to life as all things come from the ground. Most people would associate Earth with earthy colours like brown, green, etc but for me I saw Earth in a different light. Today I will be sharing my look based on my perception of Earth.

Earth for me represents new life and colours. Everywhere you look there is life beginning and let us look at a brighter side of the Earth element. I chose bright floral colors to pair up my look for the Earth element. This is my first time actually preparing a fashion/OOTD post so please be kind :) *hugs*

So this is my whole look for the day. I was at Cameron Highland Lavender Garden to shoot this shot and big credits to my colleague Joanne for helping me with the photo-taking session. I am wearing:

Long Cardigan from Scarlet, AEON (RM 25.00)
Owl & Daisy Printed Dress from Brands Outlet (RM 9.00)
Red Flats from Padini (RM 10.00)

Black Clutch from Bonita (RM 10.00)

I am more of a simple girl and really like simple layered pieces that shows off the fine details of the outfit. I love the dress from Brands Outlet which I got at just RM 9 during the massive sale they had. Have been wearing it out quite often. I love the Owl Print on the dress that for me really represents the Earth Element! I actually have an Owl Necklace to pair with this outfit but I left it back home. The burst of flowers on the dress makes it stand out as well giving it more colour and making it youthful. 

Tip: I paired it with a similar length black cardigan to elongate my body frame as well as to elongate my legs. Choose dresses that fall slightly above your knee to give the image of longer and leaner legs

To give my look more colour, I paired it with the sweet red flats that I bought from Padini for only RM 10! It is a super comfortable pair of flats and I kinda regret not getting another pair in another colour. They have tons of colours to choose from. Besides that, I also paired my look with a black clutch from Bonita. This is actually just a part of my handbag which I can remove and use as a clutch. I got this during the warehouse sale two months back :)

To accessorize and match my look, I had my nails done at BeeQNails Salon @ SS2 which if you follow my Instagram you would know that I totally love this nail salon that pampers my nails and have great service! You can read more about my experience at beeQNails HERE

The focus point in the nail art is the tie-dye effect and the printed flowers which pop up on my nail. I like how it complements my look and also stands out on its own. 

So this concludes my look for Elemental Beauties and please look forward for more looks from the bloggers participating in this project. I will be updating this post with their looks soon!