Japanese Cuisine with A Twist, Hei Sushi Alamanda Putrajaya

こんにちは merry goers!

One of my utmost favourite cuisine besides Korean food is Japanese cuisine! The one thing that appeals to be is the fresh ingredients that they use and the way they actually cook the ingredients that brings out the best of it. Not only that, well I guess especially for girls Japanese food is one of the healthiest and lowest calories dishes. If you have been following me on Instagram you may have noticed me posting this photo of an enormous portion of fresh sashimi! So here's me sharing with my dear merry goers where I had my fill of fresh sashimi and also a twist in the traditional Japanese dishes.

Presenting Hei Sushi, the sister brand of Sakae Sushi which is finally here in Malaysia! Conceived by the same Innovative Food People who brought Sakae Sushi to the world, Hei Sushi breathes new life
into all-time Japanese favourites with a modern touch and an infusion of culinary styles. A unique contemporary dining experience, the all-new Hei Sushi offers a selection of sushi creations prepared with the same distinct freshness diners have come to know and love from its sister brand Sakae Sushi. Different from other Japanese restaurants, Hei Sushi is conceptualized as a place serving Japanese food with a twist from the usual fare, through a hint of local and Western gourmet inspirations!

Let's not wait any longer! Feast your eyes on the must order dishes when you dine at Hei Sushi.

Before you start your meal, make sure you order their Flower Tea RM7.99 (Hot) which has a delicate Jasmine flower artfully served in a clear glass teapot to provide an invigorating treat for the senses and taste buds. Want to know what is special about this Flower Tea? The flower actually blooms in front of your eyes! See that pretty Jasmine flower? You will be able to see the flower bloom once it has been immersed in hot water after some time. Once the flower has fully bloomed, you will be able to enjoy the fragrant flower tea.

This is what I must say is my favourite! My eyes glisten when they brought this monstrous baby out! The Omakase Moriawase (8 kinds) RM23.99 (3 types)|RM33.99 (4 types)|RM43.99 (5 types)|RM59.99 (onwards) has me in love with their hand-picked treasures of fresh salmon, yellowtail, butterfish, salmon belly, premium scallop, octopus and tuna. I literally went to heaven with the fresh sashimi which was really very good! Of course you can choose not to feast on all of it and just pick which assortment of sashimi you prefer but I'm telling you just try them all!

Here is where you will be able to see the twist in Japanese cuisine with Hei Maki (RM13.99) where you have the Chef’s signature tempura maki layered with seaweed, sweet Japanese omelette and cucumber completed with a flavoursome twist of Malaysian otak-otak. Yes you read that right! That orange savoury addition is our Malaysian otak-otak! What a twist right?! Surprisingly, the otak-otak goes well with the fried tempura maki making it really one of a kind. 

Another interesting dish that you must try is the Jackfruit Ebi Maki (RM15.99) where instead of using mango or avocado like in most maki, this unique maki creation has golden prawn tempura, seaweed, Japanese omelet and cucumber wrapped in sushi rice and the exquisite topping of jackfruit slices! I personally have not seen jackfruit in Japanese cuisines especially not to wrap maki so this was an eye-opener and a really good tasty experience. The jackfruit was really smooth and sweet complimenting well with the golden prawn tempura. This is really one of a kind so if you come to Hei Sushi, you MUST order this! 

Of course if we are talking about Japanese cuisines, how can we miss out on sushi! Or more specifically Temari Sushi (5 types). Again Hei Sushi differs from the normal Japanese eateries with their Temari Sushi shaped in a ball instead of the traditional oblong shape. These enticing hand pressed sushi is filled with unique ingredients that will make you mind-blown. Their delectable ingredients includes otak-otak, chicken floss, tuna, sweet beancurd skin and salmon with avocado. Once again, the otak-otak is used for the Temari Sushi making it truly Malaysian.

Can you see that nice seared tuna with that pink centre? This Maguro Steak Rikkyuyaki (RM22.99) is just delightful with juicy tuna steak masterfully pan-fried with an aromatic sesame paste sauce and served with steam buns for an enthralling burst of flavours! The tuna is really nicely pan-fried leaving it juicy and melts in your mouth. The sesame paste brings out an additional nutty burst of flavour in your mouth and you will really feel satiated with these thick pieces of tuna steak. This is a really good alternative to those who cannot stomach raw fish because it still retains the freshness of the tuna.

Here are some dishes for the heavy eaters! The King Platter and Hei Tori Speciality will be sure to keep your tummies happy!

First up, the King Platter RM49.99 (Main Course) | RM59.99 (3 Course Meal) | RM74.99 (5 Course Meal) which has a lavish assortment of succulent grilled chicken, striploin and seafood (Oyster, Squid, Salmon cooked in teppanyaki style), accompanied by a side of mushroom and vegetables with signature sauce. This King Platter is surely fit for a king!

Another main meal would be the Hei Tori Specialty RM25.99 (Main Course) | RM35.99 (3 Course Meal) | RM50.99 (5 Course Meal) serving up a sumptuous intertwining of local and Japanese gourmet inspirations - specialty grilled chicken complemented with mango salad, pulut onigiri and spicy peanut sauce. I really cannot stop being amazed with Hei Sushi's creativity with their pulut onigiri and spicy peanut sauce. Can you imagine an onigiri but instead of the normal Japanese rice, they use glutinous rice and topped it with otak-otak! *Mind blown* Not only that the spicy peanut sauce is really addictive especially for me since I LOVE spicy food and it has a fragrant nuttiness to it which pairs well with the grilled chicken.

To end a fabulous meal we definitely need to have dessert! Jackfruit Temptations RM8.99 is a must try dessert at Hei Sushi with the luscious pairing of jackfruit done in a golden tempura crisp, served with creamy vanilla ice-cream and drizzled with butterscotch syrup! Oh the sweet jackfruit battered and fried brings out the sweetness in the fruit, caramelizing the jackfruit and this hot, crispy treat when paired with vanilla ice-cream is just deliciously satisfying!

Credits: K.Kiat Photography
Although Alamanda may be a little too far to travel but I assure you that you wouldn't be disappointed with the unique twist in Japanese cuisine at Hei Sushi. Head on to Hei Sushi for a tantalizing new Japanese dining experience.

Hei Sushi, 
P03A, Plaza Level, Alamanda Shopping Centre,
Jalan Alamanda, Precinct 1, 
62000 Putrajaya, 
Wilayah Persekutuan.


  1. The place looks really quaint Miriam dear and the food looks absolutely delish. Great pictures, will definitely go an check this place out when I am next in the area :)

  2. wow sushi my favouite. Always wanna go dine and try it but still no time. My dear busy at work at night only back home.

  3. Otak otak in sushi! That seems a very unique combination! :D would love to try *noms*

  4. I love japanese food! especially sashimi! The food presentation is really good! Will share this to my family and pay a visit soon! :)

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  7. All those sushi look so fresh and delectable! Yummy dishes!

  8. I hope this is halal cause your pictures make me salivating. And it is very near to my place too. My next haunt!

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    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  10. i have their voucher..wanted to try but so far from my hse sigh..

  11. this has become one of my favourite japanese restaurants so far, always go there for their lunch value meals

  12. Hei Sushi make me want to eat since I am Japanese food lover! :D I want to try Temari Sushi and Omakase Moriawase. I feel this price ok?

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  14. looks like a great place for sushi in putrajaya. i have not visited alamanda for a very long time.

  15. This place seems comfy and warm, the Omakase Moriawase looks really appetizing, would like to try that out :)

  16. I like their flower tea. blooming very beautifully!

  17. Wow the sushi is so fresh and tempting. Yesterday I have sushi for my dinner too. I love sashimi so much.

  18. OMG the sashimi is so fresh, if I go to Alamanda I usually eat there.

  19. major lover of sushi especially raw and grill salmon yumm

  20. BABEE! you got me craving for sushi T.T


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