Bene Box Project (Butterfly Project X Caffe Bene)

Hello my dear merry goers! This is a throwback post to a really meaningful event that I attended on my birthday. What better way to celebrate my birthday than sharing that special day with some darling children. All this thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and Caffe Bene for the collaboration of Bene Box Project.

So the Bene Box Project is actually a really meaningful project by Butterfly Project and Caffe Bene where several butterflies actually prepared some gifts to be packed in Caffe Bene's Bene Box for the children from Yayasan Seribu Harapan Malaysia. There were actually two phases to this project, the first one for the packing at IOI Mall Caffe Bene which unfortunately I was not in town to attend and the second phase hosted by Caffe Bene Gamuda Walk to pass the gifts to the children. Thank God that it fell on my birthday which means I was in town to attend it!

A section of Caffe Bene Gamuda Walk was closed to host this project and we were there earlier to get things all set up and prepared to welcome the children from Yayasan Seribu Harapan Malaysia.

Here you can see some of the gorgeously packed and decorated Bene Box done by the butterflies during the first phase of the project. It was definitely filled to the brim with goodies, snacks, toys and also stationery. All the gifts were prepared wholeheartedly by each of the butterflies.

Then it was time for the children to arrive and they were really all so excited! We were split into two or three at each table so that we can have more interaction with each of the children. My partners for that day were Jessica and Anis! Anis was really very busy running around that day but both Jessy and myself had a nice time getting to know the children :)

The children at other tables looked like they had tons of fun too especially with Caffe Bene giving each of them a huge scoop of their delicious gelato! Although the children were really quite full from a heavy lunch they were more than delighted to dig into the gelato.

It was definitely a great day and we had an amazing time with the children. Nothing beats making someone else happy and the smile on their face was just so uplifting! These children are a real blessing from God and really big applause to both Butterfly Project for organizing this event as well as Caffe Bene for their support! Ending 2015 with this event was most definitely ending it with a meaningful reason.

Note: Photos w/o watermark credits to Caffe Bene MY