"Everyone Can Paint, Paint From The Heart" Art Exhibition | Genting Highlands

Hello hello my dear merry goers! It is the end of another week and I do hope all of you had a great week but I am sure everyone is just waiting for the weekend to start. Time sure flies so fast and I just realized that I have not shared with you another activity that me and the girls did when we were in Genting Highlands.

Our short retreat up Genting Highlands was sure a great trip and I can't wait to have more trips with them. We three have been pretty busy the past week with me and Jess starting work as well as Tara who is at her last few weeks for her studies! Seriously cheering her on to the finish line because I know she can do it and no man on earth will be able to put her down or make her demotivated! She is a real fighter and I have no doubt she will successfully graduate this semester so don't give up babe! *hugs*

So back to our trip to Genting Highlands, we were able to catch the art exhibition which was held at the Lobby of Tower 3, First World Hotel. The new hotel towers for First World Hotels are really very different from how it looked years ago and the addition of these art pieces sure made the whole place looked really fancy and photo worthy. If you don't believe me, you should really check my experience staying at the new rooms ALONE! Yup, if it was the old rooms I don't think I would even have the guts to stay alone all night but I had a great relaxing sleep that round.

The art exhibition is still currently on and will be on display until the 31st of March 2016 so if you are at Genting Highlands, don't forget to have a look at them. There are artworks by 25 talented artists from Sweden, Indonesia, Qatar, Japan, the Phillipines and Malaysia. With the theme "Everyone Can Paint, Paint From Our Heart", this exhibition is the first of its kind to be held at the world's largest hotel! If you did not know it yet, First World Hotel has actually earned the Guinness World Records title for the World's Largest Hotel with 7,351 rooms. 

The art pieces sure are very artistic and vibrant, giving out positive vibes and adding to the contemporary concept of the place but the most amazing thing is that the art exhibition actually features the artwork of a talented 1 year old, Zoey Ng! Seriously at 1 year old, her artwork best embodies the theme of how everyone can paint and paint from the heart. It is really nice to see how this exhibition actually aims to showcase art pieces to reach broader audiences and at the same time, bring people together by spreading the message of peace, love and harmony.

Actually wanted to end this post with some photos of me and the girls, speaking of which the past few weeks have been so hectic that I have not gotten our trio photos and finish editing my vlog! Photo credits to Jess! Dedicating this post to motivate and support my dear Tara and may she stay strong and have faith! *hugs*

Til next time.