#MARKETS20 | The School, Jaya One

Hey peeps! How was your weekend? I definitely had a fun time at Markets by Jaya One! This is the 20th time Markets is held at Jaya One and for those of you who aren't familiar, Markets happens 4 times a year and there will be an even bigger Markets coming up at the end of this year during Christmas.

There were tons of vendors and so many people on the day I checked out Markets20. Bustling with vendors selling accessories, new clothings as well as preloved items as low as RM5 plus it smelt so good thanks to the food trucks!

Things to Shop!

Tokki Ant was one of the stalls that I got an outfit which I have been looking for a while. Love their clothing line and their bags are so cute too! You can check out their Instagram and Facebook for more of their outfits.

I did my share of shopping at Pop again especially after my shopping spree the previous week. This time it was my turn  to shop! I finally got some new sportswear from especially since I've been getting quite active recently. 

Some other vendors that had pretty cool stuff were Nagano, Potions which had amazing bath products, Mamamiya which I really had to contain myself from shopping more. 

Make sure you check out Makan! Masterpieces from Artisan Kitchens that are All Natural. Really supportive for Homemadeall because the products are made by single mothers and are all natural as well . Definitely a lot of yummy healthy snacks at M.A.K.A.N too.

Things to Eat!

No worries about getting hungry or thirsty because there are plenty of food and beverage vendors like Grab Fresh where I got a nice bottle of cold brew hazelnut latte, other vendors like Artsy Tartsy Bites and Love Bug among many others.
You get an array of food choices from the food truck vendors as well like Oishii Onigiri, Meatball Kingdom, Juice Buzz. I filled my hungry tummy with some gyoza from one of the stalls and there were many people lining up for the Thai meat skewers which smelt amazing!
For those of you who are looking to rest your tired feet, grab a cup of coffee or some sweet treats at Bucket B Cafe which has some amazing sweet treats like their Brookies, Macarons and coffee selections.

Do stay tune for their Markets21 which will be coming up pretty soon! For more information, follow their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/marketsmy/

Til next time,