PANAZ Slimming Pants - Burn Calories Faster Than Ever

Hi merry goers! 

If you follow me on my social media channels, you might notice me getting more active in sports and outdoor activities. I've really started to work out more often and join runs as well. I've realized that sitting at my office desk for long hours is really taking a toll to my overall active scale and I started making sure I had my regular exercise routines.
Of course, proper sportswear is very important and if I tell you that there is a sportswear that functions as a slimming pants as well... I'm sure you will be elated to know! Panaz® slimming pants have been popping up on my Facebook wall so often claiming to help you sweat more, burn more body calories even when you are not exercising. Just imagine being able to burn calories even at while you are watching TV or just lazying around. 

I got myself a pair of Panaz® slimming pants and well let's see how well it works! It claims to help their clients keep fit, increase fat loss especially when you are working out and with no side effects. The recommended time period to wear is 3 - 5 hours every day for better results and they come in many sizes! No worries about not getting your right size because they have sizes from S up to 4XL. 

All you need to do it measure your waist and hip measurement and check which size suits you.
I actually wore the Panaz® slimming pants when I went for the PUMA Night Run a few months back! Oh boy - I really did sweat tons! 

The material of the pants is actually quite thick but is very stretchable! It also has pockets for you to carry your personal belongings or phone around which is really very handy. The pants fit snugly following the curve of your body and does not restrict any movement at all. Just putting this pants on and lazying in front of the TV will make you sweat. I was surprised by the amount of sweat after removing the pants.

There are some Panaz® Wash Care Instructions that you need to take note :
- Hang to Dry
- Hand Wash
- Do not use washing machine
- Do not Soak
- Do not Wring
- Do not Iron
- Do not use Dryer
- Do not Bleach

Follow these instructions so that your pair or Panaz® slimming pants can last longer. You can get more details about the Panaz® slimming pants from their Facebook page (

Stay active, stay healthy!
Til next time.