The Olive Tree Oneless Festival - Shop Byo & Plastic Free

The Olive Tree will be organizing their first-ever sustainable event called ONELESS Festival last weekend at Sunway Nexis offering over 30 businesses selling local and sustainable food, crafts, personal care items, and household products are taking part in the #OneLessFestival, which is free to attend all weekend. 

There will be plenty of artisan and plant-based cuisine to choose from, as well as a package-free, environmentally friendly zone, seminars, and a plastic-free fun experience shopping, food & beverages, workshops in a sustainable manner. The event will be on 28 & 29 May 2022 at Sunway Nexis from 11am- 6pm.

Her Royal Highness Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor has been invited as the guest of honour to officiate the event. Her Royal Highness is unquestionably committed to her environmental efforts and is a strong advocate for sustainability. Her Royal Highness has focused her efforts on minimising single-use plastic and garbage, despite the fact that there are numerous environmental concerns that we face today (food).

One of the main highlights of the event would be the unveiling of “Last Tree In The City,” a meaningful art piece created by Reimagine Plastic by Hara Makers, utilising 5,000 plastic bags gathered from the community. A tree lacking green leaves will be substituted with brilliantly coloured plastic bags in the recycled plastic tree show. Though it’s visually stunning, the colourful plastic bags symbolise major pollution.

“Prior to MCO, Sustainable initiatives such as Zero Waste and Plastic Free gained tremendous attention and movement among us. We were trying our best to bring our containers for refills and food take-away. The pandemic has pulled us back a few steps given the restricted movement control.” said Law Hong Mei, the founder & CEO of The Olive Tree.

During the two days, The Olive Tree will give 50% off second items. Customers are encouraged to bring their own 500ml containers to restock their daily necessities. Customers will also be given a RM1 discount if they return any clean and dry The Olive Tree’s bottle after their purchase.

“I was exposed to how plastic impacts our lives back in 2017, where I saw a visual illustration of a roll of sushi made of plastic. We are not just impacting our ocean, but we are consuming the consequences of what we have done to our home (the environment) - we are actually eating the plastic. This served as an alarm for me personally, hence triggering me to start cutting down on the plastic waste at the personal level.” said Law Hong Mei.

“We always wanted to organize a pop up event to bring all like minded brands and small businesses, #sapotlokal together to create an impactful message. The impact would be definitely so much greater versus our single voice. We have invited many brands who are new to offering plastic free onboard with us. Many of them will be going plastic free for the first time. We hope this event will give them the confidence to offer plastic free in the long term. With this in mind, we have decided to organize our first ever event called OneLessFestival. Offering plastic free shopping experiences could be creative. While shopping plastic free could be cool and fun too!” said Law Hong Mei. 

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own lunch boxes, reusable cups, and shopping bags in order to limit the amount of garbage produced during the event. Additionally, it also aims to enable businesses to contribute to sustainability by eliminating plastic from all packaging, including food and beverages. 

In support of these endeavors, #OneLessFestival provides a location for the local community to recycle various sorts of plastic garbage, old clothing, E-waste, used cooking oils, and redeem free trees to help them construct a cleaner and greener environment. 

The #OneLessFestival was 100% free admission all weekend and you can get local and sustainable food, handmade, personal care, and household products from over 40 brands. You can expect artisan and plant-based food galore, package-free, environmental zone, workshops, and plastic-free fun experience. 

● Zero Waste Malaysia. a non-profit organization in Malaysia advocating for sustainable development & living. Launched Malaysia’s first extensive online trash encyclopedia with 101 trash items – Trashpedia that educates Malaysians about waste segregation while offering zero waste alternatives in the local context. 

● Biji- Biji Initiative, an impact-driven agency aimed to create sustainable living and innovations. Launched Beyond Bins Campaign that targets small scale recycling solutions and promotes an alternative source of income for the underprivileged community through the production and re-selling of recycled products. 

● Kloth Cares. Founded in 2013, it empowers Malaysians to act in keeping unwanted fabrics and plastic away from landfills for a sustainable future. Installed over 280 Kloth Cares bins in Malaysia with the aim to divert 2 million kg of unwanted fabrics since 2018. 

● Free Tree Society. An environmental organization that spreads the environmental stewardship message through giving away over 40,042 trees to homeowners, schools, marginalized groups, community gardens and wildlife habitats for free to green our Earth since 2013. 

● Reimagine Plastic. A local initiative by Hara Makers to bring the community to rethink and Re-Imagine ways to recycle and dispose of various kinds of plastics. Launched the BreadTag Upcycling Program in 2021 to collect breadtag waste and turned the tiny plastic into household utensils and marketable products. 

● Impactlution. A social enterprise specializes in environmental and community capacity development that closes the waste loop by upcycling waste into the economy while elevating the socioeconomic with vulnerable communities. In support of these initiatives, #OneLessFestival opens the space for collection of various types of plastic waste, unwanted clothes, E-waste, used cooking oils and redemption of free trees for the local community to build their cleaner and greener home. 

The Olive Tree will offer 2nd items at 50% during these 2 days. Consumers may BYO their 500ml containers to refill their daily essentials. We will also reward RM 1 off for the return of any clean and dry The Olive Tree’s