Galaxy Buds2 Pro First Impression and Review - Taking Immersive Sound Deeper With Earbuds Built for Comfort

Hi merry goers!

After my Samsung Buds Live got into a little mishap (more like me being careless as ever and accidentally dropping it on the road where I guess I ran over it with my car), I have been looking for an alternative audio partner for my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Just in time, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro was launched few months back alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. So lucky for me, I managed to get a hold on them to test it out so here's my first impression and review of using it after several weeks. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro aims to take our everyday listening experiences to the next level with high-fidelity sound, improved intelligent audio features and a more comfortable fit. Boasting 24bit Hi-Fi sound that highlights the details to bring our music and entertainment to life, it also offers 360 Audio delivering cinematic sound that feels large and intimate all at once.


Design-wise, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro comes in a small charging case with a matte coating which gives it a much better grip than the previous Buds Pro. Pops open without much hassle but still pretty secure that if my butter fingers ever drop the case, the lid stays shut preventing my earbuds from flying to God knows where. 

Battery life is indicated by the LED lights on the outer side of the case as well as the inner side - indicating the battery life of the case and the earbuds respectively. Designed with a more compact and ergonomic fit, I'd say the Galaxy Buds2 Pro sits snugly in my ear without me having to adjust it too often out of fear that it falls out. Although they look a little bulky at first glance, they were really lightweight and there were times I forgot I was wearing them.

I took it to the test during my workout sessions in the gym where they were able to stay put without falling out. I didn't feel stuffy after wearing it which I do experience with some earbuds and the sound system was pretty decent - at least they blocked out the gym's playlist. 

Pairing the Buds2 Pro was a breeze using the Galaxy Wearable App where I just had to pair it with via Bluetooth and it sets up on its own. There were several customizations that could be done via the app too which I guess is a perk if you are in the Samsung ecosystem. There’s the basic stuff such as the equalizer and touch controls, but there are also a few interesting features that you can toggle on, such as neck stretch reminders. That being said, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro can be paired with other phones as well. 

Some of the special features that I really liked was the updated Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) which cuts out background noise while boosting calls and music. This feature is pretty decent as it blocked out the chatter during my recent road trip to Ipoh and gave decent surround sound from my Spotify playlist. 

You can switch from ANC to Ambient sound as well which doesn't block outside noise but actually aims to help you hear people talking or whatever that is happening around you. Very important feature during my recent walkathon where I could hear an oncoming cyclist from behind me even. 

Plus the Voice Detect which automatically turns on ambient mode and lowers the volume of your music when it detects that I am talking and reverts back after 10 seconds of not detecting my voice. A pretty cool feature especially in the office when my colleagues talk to me, they no longer have to wave their hands frantically trying to get my attention or throw their shoes at me. 

Each earbud has a touch-sensitive panel on the outside that can detect single taps, double taps, or long presses. You can customize the settings via the Wearable App as well. Personally, it took me a while to get a grip on the controls. Sometimes, when I'm just adjusting the fit of the earbuds in my ear, I might accidentally pause or tap on a control. 

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro touch control controls: 

Press and hold – switch between ANC and Ambient sound 
Single tap play or pause 
Double tap next song 
Triple tapprevious song

Battery Life

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds pack a 58mAh battery each, and are rated to last up to 5 hours standalone, with ANC on. So far my experience is I can get a good 15 to 18 hours of music playback combined with the case. Averagely I'd say I charge the case a week once? Plus with the wireless charging feature, it sometimes acts as an emergency power bank for me and vice versa. 


My verdict after using the Galaxy Buds2 Pro? I'd say with the additional features using the Wearable app, I think I will be settling for this for now. So far, they are the most comfortable wireless earbuds I've tried and they do provide me with decent audio quality with the ANC feature. Not only that as someone who's in the Samsung ecosystem, I'd say it is a wise choice.